Weekend Wonderful

So far so good. I am pushing myself to completing an oil painting inspired by architect, Kengo Kuma in this Tokyo store for fashion deigned Lucien Pellat-Finet. Plywood was crafted into a honeycomb-like structure that not only transforms the feel of the space, but also creates built-in shelving.I was most impressed with the mathematics involved to complete such a daring installation. I hope to one day partake on such a project, or anything out of the ordinary that really takes you to another place…in time, memory, and space.


I think this peice also resonates well with where I am in my life, and how I’m taking each step with great stride. Each tone of grey is different from the next, and you learn from grey’s past that the next will be that much more exciting to reveal. There is so much mystery and pride I take in that, and the process really is gratifying. I am happy to say I have completed most of it, but I think I honestly could step up my pace. I’m never happy with…time, because I’m still learning it’s ways and how to communicate with it. We have been having our rough patches. Cheers to time never ending, and never growing up!

I had the pleasure of painting, and art making today with my siblings, who are very talented themselves. Victoria, and Sebastian.

_MG_0055 art-001 _MG_0060

Might I also add, my mother has picked up beading & is fantastic at it. (rather, anything she touches…she’s a pro at) which you can view her beginning works, and order a personalized jewelry of your taste. I have created a page dedicated for that, and will post a link to her web page as soon as it is up.


Lesson this weekend; Choose the content of your character based on what you want others to gain as strength, courage, wisdom, and all the love you have to offer. Also, it’s okay to be alone…sometimes.


Deljou Internship; Week 2 Science

Ah, the science of art. I shall document various terms as I learn more about them. Then I will showcase my results. Art and science are so closely related, in fact you couldn’t have one without the other.


Encaustics- 2parts bees wax, 1part paraffin. Careful not to burn. Don’t go above 350 degrees, or will explode in your face.


Damar Resin- Melt into the wax mixture, careful not to burn. It allows a healthy shine to emerge from within your work. Remember to strain the wax/damar mixture.


Liquin- Used with oil to increase drying time, looks great on plexi. Worst art supply smell…ever.

Here is the result of me + oil + plexi & 4 hours:


& some more random Studio shots 🙂

IMG_0037 IMG_0036


I’m learning to balance 5 things at once, and I can’t imagine adding anything more than what I am handling at this moment. I am planning on beginning an architectural painting. Probably someone you may know, but I will not give away any information until I know exactly, and I like surprises myself. Motivation of the week: Don’t look for love, for when you find what you love to do love finds you. Cherish every moment, and realize that you have no certainty in this life. Regardless of who you may be, we’re all the same in the end, and there is always a new beginning awaiting your loving spirit.



did you do in the past week that you can remember vividly being the most amazing, most inspiring, most tantalizing? Did you take a leap of faith, or challenge yourself to a game of chess in the park? What is it that makes you feel invigorated in life? Like a lemon dangling gently from a tree in the summer breeze. Life will show you the dirt ground, and the baby blue sky that whisks the clouds into little puffs of meringue. But it is up to you my little lemon, whether you are willing to push yourself to becoming one of the most beautiful, strong lemons picked and gained by another soul. The ground always awaits, and you will be fine, but oh the dishes you could have experienced with your talent and taste. Live well my little lemon, and grow strong.


Eric & I experienced a day well spent in the sunshine, and brisk wind. We picked pounds of greens, and carrots too!

IMG_1296 IMG_1297


Sugar Creek Garden in Decatur, GA December 2012.

Sugar Creek Volunteering

Deljou Internship; Week 1


It began as a mist could, which gently rolls in. Then it poured, and swiftly made it’s ways deep into the Earth. The week has been, yet another, well planned venture up the scale of my curiosities. A gentle push into the yonder of my imagination. My dreams of understanding exactly what force is driving me to my highest potential. I suppose it’s nothing more than the need to tell a story. Compose, edit, write some more, and finally send off into the great abyss that is life. Nothing is achieved without trying, and cheers to the weeks to come.


This is one of many work spaces I will be doing science, I mean art experiments.

I look forward to painting a horse next week, and learn of where I stand in my levels of skill.


I am also very thankful to have met such talented individuals who have mentored me into the beautiful, and great world that is art.