Waves of Redemption

Was it all worth your effort?
Did you get to prove what you wanted?
Or was it all just your time to play
Your way of knots & no direction?
I wish I was back in Hawaii for a moment.
Atop the rocks, which lifted me higher than the beach goers. Away from all akin. Vast seas and crisp winds blew my mind. A man had climbed up to see what I had worked so hard to achieve…”what was up there?.” He must have wondered. I was so high up! He had eyes the color of the sea. It was almost frighting at first because 1) Very few have piercing blue eyes 2) HE CLIMBED all the was UP. Yet at peace we were for a moment. As if nothing mattered, and no one else existed. Except our glancing at all the turtles. We watched as they would come up for air. These big beautiful creatures were what made that moment so magical and engraved in my mind. For a moment we were just THERE, & ALIVE. I am like that by nature. I seek happiness through all. I know hardship, I know fall. I do not know it all. But I do know I deserve to feel as spirited as ever, & lovely, & all.



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