Simple Pleasures

 Whether its the feeling of water between your fingers, and toes.

Or the way coffee curls, & releases steam as you await the first sip.

At one point I realized what I had longed for, yet always known.

The simple pleasures of being alone, and reflecting on life’s small experiences.

We all have those moments of silence.

Where we focus in on something so mindless, yet meaningful.

Today I saw a woman face her fear of swimming with her therapist.

Fear creates holes in our souls that become voids

As adults we sometimes fall into the category of addiction to fill in the void.

Or sometimes depression, and even create bigger crevices to fill called regret.

It began to rain, and they both hopped out to grab what was now their soaked towels.

Then I took a deep breath, and stood up. To get ready for my day.

My heart began working extra hard to keep me standing, because I had been folded up for so long.

As a child you don’t worry about what’s to come.

You just live, and enjoy every moment of “freedom”

What we don’t seem to remember is that we are still that child.

Running, and getting up to fast, because

we don’t have to worry about whether or not our heart will give out this time.

You are as invincible as ever, & don’t ever forget

the simple pleasures that bring you so much happiness.

1382179_594876987221411_1231693654_nPhotograph: Acrylic piece by Safira Magomedova.


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