New Chapter

Seasons have changed

Leaves turned, and so much has transitioned.

As I sit here basking in the setting sun

I wonder where all world’s time has gone.


Independence day was Friday

& I awoke to Nicholas telling me to step onto the balcony

& watch the sun rise, because it was to be our first firework.

For those that do not know, Nick and I have been together

for a little over a year now. We spent grade school together.

We’ve shared many spontaneous, spirited, & surreal experiences.

I stepped out onto the balcony

It was a chilly morning, so I grabbed my robe.

The sun began to rise.

With the rise of the sun came the rise of his arm from behind me

holding a little black velvet box with an Engagement ring nestled between two lips.

His words in Polish: “my beloved sunflower”

Then in English: “This is where it all began”

“& I love you, will you marry me?”

Nicholas asked for my hand.

We stood celebrating the beautiful beginning to a new chapter.

Suddenly it wasn’t so cold anymore

I didn’t want to go back to bed.

I wanted to stay embraced between the sun, and my Nick.

The crisp air filling the gaps, & wishing us a future of success & happiness.

All is well & transitioned.







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