Lust, and Orange Peels

Spring is here, and today I shared time with my brother and sister.

Our bunnies were pressed up against their sweet little chests. My heart lingers on the thoughts of you swelling, and known to me. My hand caressing their little furry backs as they shed their youth away. Collecting soft silk, which swiftly drifted into the blue. I lay my eyes down beside my subconscious. Remembering that I had felt something similar before. I look, but I can see. I hear, but now I listen. Everything is clear. An orange peel. These sacred times of growing and careful decisions reminds me of how fragile love is. The grasses sway with the wind, and the bunnies lay down alongside the fence. Deeper my eyes filling and pulling space to touch, just to feel. Free of doubt, and distress of tomorrow’s obstacles. This doesn’t even feel like falling. Gravity can’t begin to pull me back to the ground again.


If lust is love then what is a relationship without love, lust?


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